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How to assign a custom domain to Hosted uSkinned Websites

If you have chosen to host your website with uSkinned, then the following guide will help you repoint your website to your own custom domain.

Step 1

Login to your domain provider — this is where you purchased your domain, e.g. 123-reg, GoDaddy etc.

Step 2

Go to your domain and manage DNS settings.

Step 3

Add the following rules to your domain.

Type: TXT
Host: asuid.www
Value: EBC85136FF502E0D7854542C2DF994CF578E07647AE991EC9A851068DEED9635
Host: www

Please note, the Value above will be unique to your own site. You should change 12345678910 to the ID from your own uSkinned provided domain.

Type: TXT
Host: asuid
Value: EBC85136FF502E0D7854542C2DF994CF578E07647AE991EC9A851068DEED9635
Type: A
Host: @

Step 4

You should now reach out directly to our support team with the following information:

- Confirm you have made all changes listed above
- Your website's primary production domain e.g.
- Your unique uSkinned provided domain e.g.