How to Install a uSkinned Umbraco Theme Package with Version 7

Here is your step by step guide to installing an Umbraco theme package from uSkinned.

NB. By this point you should already have installed Umbraco to either your local, live or development environment. If you have yet to install Umbraco please do so before continuing.

Please ensure you are installing your uSkinned Umbraco theme against a clean version of Umbraco CMS with no other packages (including other starter kits) already installed.

Step 1

Login to your members area of the uSkinned website and go to your available themes.

Step 2

Select one of your purchased themes.

Step 3

Click the "Download" button.

Step 4

Before downloading the package you should first download and read the installation guide for that theme. Once you're up to speed then click to download the package.

Step 5

Now login to the Umbraco back office and navigate to the Developers section.

Step 6

Click on "Packages" in the node tree.

Step 7

Choose to "Install Local" in the top right of the screen.

Step 8

Browse to the location of the package on your computer. This will where you downloaded the ZIP folder of the package in step 4. 

Step 9

Please wait while it uploads.

Step 10

Read and accept the terms and conditions then click to "Install package".

Step 11

Please wait while the package installs. Do not navigate away from this screen.

Step 12

Please wait while the CMS restarts. Do not navigate away from this screen.

Step 13

Almost done, please wait while the browser refreshes. Do not navigate away from this screen.

Step 14

Now you can click to "Finish" the installation. Do not navigate away from this screen until you have clicked "Finish".

Step 15

Please wait.

Step 16

Your uSkinned Starter Kit Package has successfully installed. Now navigate to the Content section of the back office.

Step 17

Check to see if your Content node tree has populated. Now you are free to add, edit and extend your Umbraco theme as you see fit. Enjoy.

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