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One of Scandinavia's leading vendors in recruitment tools, Webcruiter, helps users in more than 80 countries every day and handles more than 1,800,000 job applications every year.

Webcruiter's Digital Marketing Manager, Stig Ringsbu, learned of uSkinned through a friend after being tasked with relaunching their website in three languages: English, Norwegian and Swedish.

The Problem

Webcruiter required a multi-language / multi-region website that would not only act as a sales website to buyers of recruitment software but also a "front door" for the millions of jobseekers out there who have a CV registered with them. The existing website had been restricted by their development agency and did not allow the content editor the ability to easily change content or layouts. Therefore, if the new website was to be a success they knew that a flexible solution to content entry would play a key role.

We were used to a hard-coded CMS where we could not even determine the alignment of text and images. With a uSkinned theme we now have a good and balanced selection of features and functionality for the content editor.

Stig Ringsbu, Digital Marketing Manager, Webcruiter

The Solution

The discovery of uSkinned would be a revelation for Stig and his team, after being introduced to it by a friend who had already launched a client's website with a starter kit. Not only would Webcruiter be able to choose from a range of professionally designed themes, they would have the flexibility required within the CMS to alter content on the go, encourage engagement with users and align it with their own brand guidelines.

Furthermore, thanks to the uSkinned customisation service, Webcruiter were able to quickly, and affordably, extend the code to integrate a number of custom features. These features included Hubspot lead generation forms and a split entry banner that could quickly direct users to the information most suited to their own needs. Additionally, the built-in SEO features uSkinned provide with every theme have seen Webcruiter quickly increase organic traffic by 36%.

I love all of the content editor features uSkinned provide, each one has helped us create a better website. I especially like the parallax feature because it gives a stylish expression on the website.

Stig Ringsbu, Digital Marketing Manager, Webcruiter

The Outcome

"It was my task to build a new site in three languages; English, Norwegian and Swedish. The people at uSkinned have been very helpful with support and deliver updates very fast. For example, with the support team's guidance we have integrated the contact forms with HubSpot and made a split entry on the front page where you choose whether you are recruiting or are jobseekers.

"The website now has an average of 155,000 pageviews per month - an increase of 23% compared to the time before we started using uSkinned. The website is aimed at buyers of recruitment systems, but is also a "front door" for the millions of jobseekers out there who have a CV registered via Webcruiter. Technically, the uSkinned theme is better considering SEO than our former Umbraco environment, and so far this year we have 36% increase in organic traffic compared with the same time last year."

- Stig Ringsbu, Digital Marketing Manager,


How would you rate the content editor experience in a uSkinned theme?

5 out of 5


What has been the biggest benefit of using a uSkinned theme?

Saved development time

Saved design time

Saved money

Learned new skills

Increased customer base


What specific features do you love in uSkinned themes?

uSkinned has beautiful and easy-to-use themes, and the support team deliver quickly and at an affordable price.