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Web Agency

Know Digital

An Australian-based digital agency with a team of experienced Umbraco professionals that specialise in designing and building recruitment websites for themselves and their clients.

Founder and lead developer, David Armitage, who's been working with Umbraco CMS for over 5 years, gave his team a head-start on their latest project, Umbrajobs, thanks to uSkinned.

The Problem

As a specialist in recruitment website development, Know Digital saw a gap in the market that would offer both individuals and businesses working with Umbraco CMS a place to post, list and apply for jobs. Additionally, both sets of users would be able to upload their own profiles, allowing them to showcase their skills, location and availability.

David had already tried some other starter kits available for Umbraco CMS but was always left disappointed at the lack of flexibility and quality on offer. Since this was an "in-house" project, he decided to search online for new options - he's thankful he did as it was then that he stumbled upon uSkinned.

I've never found any other Umbraco starter kits that are as useful as these. uSkinned themes do a great job and we can't wait to use more of them.

David Armitage, Director, Know Digital

The Solution

Once David and his team had downloaded their first uSkinned theme, they had the basis of their site up and running in minutes. The versatile functionality on offer from uSkinned means that not only is time to market greatly reduced but the effort required from his team is at an absolute minimum.

With all of the core requirements for the new website covered out-of-the-box, the team at Know Digital are able to focus their time on what they do best - building out the job board functionality.

uSkinned themes are great to work with. I love the individual components: they're easy to use and out-of-the-box they'll work perfectly for most requirements.

David Armitage, Director, Know Digital

The Outcome

By adopting a uSkinned theme, Know Digital have been able to save time and money and launch UmbraJobs with very limited risk to their business. And now, with the new website live, David has been able to gauge desire for the project very quickly. UmbraJobs has proven to be an early success among the developer and agency community for Umbraco alike - it's already matching candidates with new roles!


How would you rate the content editor experience in a uSkinned theme?

5 out of 5


What has been the biggest benefit of using a uSkinned theme?

Saved development time

Saved design time

Saved money

Increased profit

Increased development capacity


What specific features do you love in uSkinned themes?

Really good to work with. I think you're doing a great job with uSkinned.