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What's new in Refresh?

We've rebuilt this Umbraco theme from the ground up using our latest version of Source and Twitter Bootstrap. Refresh is a fully responsive Umbraco theme designed for that modern digital agency look.

Complete with all the uSkinned Starter Kit features found in Source, plus plenty more of its own unique features, Refresh uses a clever combination of CSS3 techniques to add subtle and engaging animations to the user interface. 

Advanced Page Components

Advanced Components

Choose from a wide variety of pre coded components to build up any page in your site.

Colour Management

Refresh Colour

Define the background and button colours of each component to create a rich and diverse page design. 

Pod Styles

Refresh pod style

Multiple pods styles are available out of the box.

Global Settings

Refresh logo

Update your logo, favicon and much more from within the Content area using our Global Settings node.

As with all uSkinned themes, this design could easily work for a wide variety of industry sectors. Be sure to check out the demo of this Umbraco theme.

Theme Information

First Released
02 Feb 2015
Current Version Number
Current Version Release Date
05 Apr 2017
Umbraco Versions Tested
7.5.9 to 7.5.13
Browser support
IE9, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari (latest), Chrome (latest), Opera (latest)

Theme Updates

Package installation actions no longer supported on Umbraco Cloud. Installation process moved to ensure that uSkinned Themes are now fully compatible with Umbraco Cloud.
Update to USN_BlogDisqusCommentCountScript.cshtml to reference Disqus using protocol relative URL.
Update to USN_SearchResults.cshtml to remove unnecessary sort.
Update to USN_HeaderImageSection.cshtml. Fixed issue with wrong property name used for output of button.
Package installation actions moved to App_Code folder. Resolves issue with package installation not completing on Umbraco Cloud.
USNStarterKitDataResolvers.dll added to package. Required for syncing data created by uSkinned Data Types with Umbraco Cloud deployments.
Introduction of Domain Licensing
Fixed issue on Advanced Pages causing main menu section to display incorrectly if first element isnt a banner.
Update to USN_StandardPageTitle.cshtml, USN_BlogListing.cshtml and USNBlogLandingPage.cshtml. Change to heading position when header section not displayed.
Update to USN_SC_AccordionTabSection.cshtml, USN_SC_Alert.cshtml, USN_SC_Blockquote.cshtml, USN_SC_CodeSection.cshtml, USN_SC_GallerySection.cshtml, USN_SC_LinksSection.cshtml, USN_SC_SlideshowSection.cshtml, USN_SC_TextSection.cshtml. This update fixes a minor layout issue when Standard Components are added to Standard Blog Post pages.
Update to Document Type USNGlobalSettings and USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml to add link options for Behance and SoundCloud.
Update to Document Type USNBlogAuthor and USN_BlogAuthorship.cshtml to add social links option.
Update to layout.css and /images/icons/social.png to include new social icons.
Update to USN_HeaderImageSection.cshtml. Fix error when no banner style selected.
Update to USN_AC_BannerSection.cshtml. Fix error when no banner style selected.
Update to USNAdvancedPage.cshtml. Fix error when Advanced Page created for first time.
Update to USNAdvancedPageBlogPost.cshtml. Fix error when Advanced Page Blog Post created for first time.
Update to /App_Code/USNBusinessLogic/USNRegisterEvents.cs. Fix error when attempting to delete an unpublished node.
Major rebuild including all updates made to our Source theme. For further details read our blog post.
Minor update to package installer to fix intermittent installation issues.
Update to USN_SEOPageHead.cshtml. Logic changed when checking for OG Image.
Update to rteditor.css. With Umbraco 7.3.0 stylesheets are no longer stored in the database. Custom styles require specific comment format in order to work when using Formats dropdown in Rich Text Editor Data Type.
Updated package installer and App_Code/USNBusinessLogic/RegisterEvent.cs. ContentService now called using ApplicationContext.Current.Services.ContentService rather than new ContentService() which no longer exists in 7.3.0
Updated package installer to work with Umbraco version 7.2.7
Update to USN_FooterSocialLinks.cshtml. Fixed incorrect Flickr footer social link.
Property 'Thumbnail image' on 'Video Pod' Document Type updated to use Image Cropper. Updated USN_SWP_VideoPod.cshtml to recognise new image location.
Update to USN_PC_GallerySection.cshtml. Lightwindow not active if thumbnail image uploaded for video.
Update to USN_NewsletterSignup.cshtml and NewsletterSignupSurfaceController.cs. Signup error was targeting wrong div.
Update to USN_SearchResults.cshtml. Updated to ignore special characters in search term.
Update to USN_MainNavigation.cshtml to add IsVisible check.
Update to Document Type Icons that are used for page elements or settings. Orange icon now used to make Umbraco Content tree more visually intuative.
Update to Homepage Document Type. Number validation changed to allow blank entries.
Update to USN_SEOPageHead.cshtml. URL of Open Graph image when applied directly to a page incorrect.
Update to USN_Sitemap.cshtml to search for pages to be displayed by including specified Document Types rather than excluding specified Document Types.
Update to base.css, palette.css, application.js to fix intermittent error with main navigation background colour not displaying.
Update to layout.css to fix homepage banner issue on tablet view.
Initial release.

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