Take full control of your content and design with our feature-rich, award-nominated content editor focused website platform. Start with Banquet theme for Umbraco 8 and show your sophisticated side.

uSkinned features

Our modular, component-based approach to content editing offers our users greater flexibility than is possible with any other CMS solution.

Drag & drop editing

Add, edit, delete and reorder the content of your uSkinned site with our drag and drop block component editor. 

Modular components

Your site content is built up using modular components – these work like lego blocks and are just as easy to use.

Mega navigation

Drag and drop, multi-level navigation gives you full control over the user journey on your uSkinned site.

Global design

Control your entire site's design with our global design editor. uSkinned let's you create a website design system.

Responsive themes

Our themes are built with the responsive web in mind. Start with one of our templates or roll your own.

Install multiple themes

Install more than one theme from uSkinned or build your own. True flexibility is only a few clicks away.

SEO friendly

Sitemap XML, robots.txt, meta data & no-index/no-follow links — everything you need to rank at number one.

Social sharing

Take full control of how your web pages will be shared across all social media platforms.


Start selling physical products, digital downloads, event tickets, accept donations... with our Ecwid integration!


Add a video anywhere, choose between YouTube, Vimeo or upload your own MP4 video.


Choose between our own Contact and Newsletter Forms or build your own with our Umbraco Forms integration.


Fully featured blogging platform. Create categories, assign authors and enable comments with our Disqus integration.

Site dashboard

From the uSkinned CMS dashboard, you can learn from our content editor tours and track all recent activity.

Instagram feeds

Display the latest Instagram posts from a profile or hashtag anywhere on your uSkinned site. 


Choose from a wide range of scrolling triggered effects, including but not limited to Fade, Zoom and Flip.


Activate analytics tracking in seconds with our easy to use Google Analytics integration.

Google Tag Manager

Improve your site's goal tracking in seconds with our easy to use Google Tag Manager integration.

Google Recaptcha

State of the art spam & abuse protection for all forms in your uSkinned powered site.

Password protected

Add a login page to any part of your uSkinned site. Make one page password protected, one section or your entire site.

Third-party widgets

Add third-party widgets to any page in your uSkinned site, including Google Maps, Open Table, Live chat... 


Whether you're new to code or have hired a web developer, take your uSkinned site to the next level at any time you wish.

This list only scratches the surface of what can be achieved with uSkinned, take a theme for a demo or reach out to support.

Theme Updates

Theme Information

Current Version Number
Current Version Release Date
25 January 2021
Umbraco Versions Tested
8.10.0 - 8.10.2
Browser support
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE10, IE11, Microsoft Edge
License dashboard updated to fix issue with messages not displaying correctly.
Update to activity log to solve issue of logs not displaying when using content templates.
Item name field now available on settings section of Block Items. Allows for naming of content blocks when displayed in a list. Umbraco 8.10.0 required.
Missing ServiceStack.Text.dll required for Mailchimp signup.
Fix error caused when a page is deleted and has been referenced by a navigation property.
Major updates. This is the biggest change in how our themes work since we launched 5 years ago. Find out more on our blog.
Fix null exception issue when pages are deleted that are still referenced by link pickers or navigation.
This was a substantial update with a lot of file changes. Going forward we will only list feature updates here. To know what underlying files have changed please refer to the update package available via your uSkinned account.
New Instagram component providing a gallery layout based on hashtag or username.
New boxpad option on images to allow original image to be shown in full if it doesn't match the crop size selected.
Update to Gallery Component and Split Gallery Component to allow bulk selection of images located within a media folder.
Switch added to Global Settings to convert website to right to left text support and styling.
All components allowing the addition of inline videos have been updated to use a new lazy loading technique. This significantly improves page load times when inline videos are used.
New label and heading option added to Rich Text Editor pre-defined styles.
Background images can now be assigned to the website body and footer section via the Umbraco CMS.
Fix to navigation and link picker property value converters to output correct internal link path when website using new Umbraco V8 language variants.
Update to Sitemap XML to force use of decimal place when assigning page priority. This resolves issue if website using a culture which does not use decimal places when outputting floating point numbers.
Less files updated to include new import file 'usn-imports.less'. This provides visibility of the import order used in uSkinned themes and for the addition of new less files if the themes are being customised.
All Gallery and Image code refactored to use reusable partial views. This will allow for easier updates if the way images are handled changes with future releases.
Fixed Banner Component options in the Umbraco CMS to hide and reveal video options correctly.
Fixed broken divs in license dashboard.
New component and sitewide pod options updated to alphabetical order within the Umbraco CMS.
Fix to custom events to stop error when unpublishing content.
Various updates to less files to tweak styling of theme.
Updates to all custom data types using radio buttons. This resolves an issue if more than one of the same data type is added to a document type. Previously all radio buttons between different document type properties were recognised as part of the same group.
Umbraco Forms checkbox list positioning improved for better design consistency.
ReCaptcha spacing improved across all forms for better design consistency.
Anchor navigation fix for IE 10 & 11. Changes to position:relative; for legacy browsers that do not allow position:sticky;

Fix to color picker to get correct options if style has been overridden.

File missing from installation.

Files previously referenced via CDN. Now referenced locally and included in package.

Paragraph heading in grid not pulling color correctly.

Files previously referenced via CDN. Now referenced locally and included in package.

Folder missing from installation.

Script files referenced via CDN now referenced locally.

CSS files referenced via CDN now referenced locally.

Update to installer code to allow installation of theme with pre-existing starter kit.
Initial release. . Find out more on our blog.

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