How to Create a Microsoft Azure Account

Microsoft Azure is a popular hosting option for the Umbraco CMS. In this guide we will take you through the steps to setup a free account.

Step 1

Navigate to

Step 2

Click to create a "Free Account" in the top right.

Azure Step 2

Step 3

Confirm that you wish to "Start for free".

Azure Step 3

Step 4

Enter a new email address that is not already associated with a Microsoft Azure account. 

Enter a password and be sure to take a note of it somewhere secure.

Azure Step 4

Step 5

Select the country you are based in and enter your date of birth.

Wait for a short time.

Step 6

Enter more detailed information about yourself.

Confirm your identification via phone call or text.

Azure Step 6

Step 7

Even though this is a free account for the first 12-months you will still need to enter your card details.

Azure Step 7

Step 8

Finally, agree to the Microsoft Azure terms and conditions to complete the setup process.

Azure Step 8

Step 9

Success. Now follow the link to the Azure portal. 

Azure Step 9

Step 10

We would recommend you choose to "Take the tour" as the Azure portal is a really powerful (and extensive) SaaS product.

Azure Step 10-1

Azure Step 10-2

Azure Step 10-3

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