Language Navigation

Step 1

Login to the CMS.

Step 2

In the tree menu, click on 'Configuration'.

Step 3

In the grid, click on 'Navigation'.

Step 4

Go to the 'Language' navigation tab. 

Step 5

In the field 'Heading' add the language of the current site. e.g. English.

Step 6

At the field, 'Heading Icon/Image', use the media picker to enter an icon or image. e.g. a flag associated with the language set above.

Step 7

At the label, 'Navigation' add links, text and icon/image for each of your other languages.

Step 8 a

Click 'Add Link' and from the slide-out panel use the fields and/or content tree to create a link. Click 'Submit' in the bottom right of the panel once you're happy.

Step 8 b (Optional) 

Click 'Add Icon' to add an optional icon. Use the slide-out panel to choose which icon. Click 'Submit' in the bottom right of the panel once you're happy.

Step 8 c (Optional) 

Reorder using the icon '+' to the left-hand side of each item then drag the item to the desired position.

Step 9

Click 'Save and Publish'. 

This functionality is not available out of the box with our 1.x themes. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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