How to add a Gumroad payment widget

Create a product page with the uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco and integrate the Gumroad payment widget.

You can follow these steps for any other third-party buy button provider, such as Snipcart, Shopify, FoxyCart, PayPal, and many more.

Step 1

Login to the CMS.

Step 2

Under Home, create a new Page, name it and select the 'Full' layout option.

Gumroad product page in Umbraco theme.

Step 3

Click 'Add Content' and choose the 'Split Component'.

Step 4

On Split Section 1, click 'Add Content' and choose the 'Embed Code' block.

Step 5

Follow the link ( to go to Gumroad and choose between the 'Overlay' or 'Embed' options. 'Overlay' will display a single Buy Now button that will open the checkout in an overlay, whereas the 'Embed' option will show the full product details on the page. In our example, we will use 'Overlay'.

Log in to your Gumroad account and then follow instructions to copy your 'Overlay' code to the clipboard.

Gumroad embed code ready for Umbraco CMS theme.

Step 6

Return to the CMS. In the Embed Code field, paste your Gumroad code. Switch on the 'Intro' fields and enter your product name and details. Now click 'Submit'.

Embed Gumroad buy now button in Umbraco theme.

Step 7

On Split Section 2, click 'Add Content' and choose the 'Gallery' block. This is to showcase the product images that support your new product.

Step 8

Click 'Add Content' to select your image or video type. In our example, we will use the 'Gallery Multiple Images' options to quickly select multiple images. 

Create gallery for product in Umbraco CMS.

Step 9

Select the product images you wish to showcase. Please note, you are not limited to just showcasing images, you can use YouTube, Vimeo, or videos uploaded to your Media section too. Once your happy, click 'Create' in the bottom right.

Step 10

Still on your 'Gallery', in the top right, click on 'Settings'. In our example, we will choose:

- Items per row — 1
- Image style — 1:1 Square
- Enable Carousel: Yes
- Show arrows: Yes

Once you're happy, click 'Submit' in the bottom right. 

Step 11 

Still on your 'Split Component', in the top right, click on 'Settings'. Choose the settings that best suit your site design. Now click 'Submit'.

Step 12

Since the product name in the 'Split Component' will be our page title, we can hit the switch to 'Hide Page Title'.

Step 13

Finally, hit 'Save and Publish'. You can now view your awesome and modern product page on the front end of the website. 

Don't stop there though, thanks to the uSkinned Site Builder's modular approach, you can add more components such as parallax banners of accordions for FAQs to really showcase your products.

You can even use the 'SEO & Share' tab to enhance the product's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google.

Gumroad product page on frontend of Umbraco theme.

Gumroad checkout on frontend of Umbraco theme.



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