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How to upgrade from uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 8 to Umbraco 9

Step 1

Create a new Umbraco 9 and install uSkinned Site Builder for Umbraco 9.

Follow our guide here if you are unsure how to do this.

Step 2

Install uSync against your new Umbraco 9 website.

dotnet add package uSync 

Run your website. This will create uSync files in ~/uSync/v9

Step 3

Go to your Umbraco 9 website directory and delete the contents of:


Go to your Umbraco 8 website and copy the contents of:


Paste your copied media into your Umbraco 9 website directory at location:


Step 4

Locate the following file within your Umbraco 9 website directory:


Update the connection string to point to your Umbraco 8 database and set UpgradeUnatended to true.

  "$schema": "",

  "ConnectionStrings": {
    "umbracoDbDSN": "Server=.;Database=DocsSite;Integrated Security=true"
  "Umbraco": {
    "CMS": {
      "Unattended": {
        "InstallUnattended": true,
        "UpgradeUnattended": true,
        "UnattendedUserName": "Admin User",
        "UnattendedUserEmail": "",
        "UnattendedUserPassword": "1234567890"

Step 5

Run your website and login to the Umbraco CMS. Dont worry if you see an error when browsing the frontend of your website at his stage.

Go to the Settings (Section) > uSync (node) > Import Settings

When the settings import is complete your website will be upgraded to Umbraco 9.