How to add a page to your website

Step 1

Login to the CMS > Hover over the "Home" node > Click the "..." icon 

Step 2

From the slide-out panel select the 'Page'.

Step 3

Give your new page a name. In the bottom right part of the screen hit "Save and Publish" to finalise the creation of your page.

Step 4

Your new page is now visible in the content tree.

Bonus Steps

How to re-order your pages :-) woohoo!

Steps 6 - 7

Hover over any page node with sub-pages > Right-click on the "..." icon > Select "Sort" from the slide-out panel.

Step 8

You will now see a full list of the nodes below that page node > Select the page you wish to re-order and then drag it to your intended position.

Steps 9 - 10

Once your pages are in the correct order hit "Save" in the bottom right of the slide-out panel.


Well done! #h5yr

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