Quick Tip: Blog Enhancements in Umbraco 7.6.4+ themes

There is now greater control over the design and layout of your uSkinned powered Umbraco blog as well as a much faster and simpler workflow for CMS users. 

1. Vertical or Grid Listing Option

Since the early days of uSkinned themes users have been able to choose a listing style for sub pages under a parent page however this is something that has been lacking in the Blog. That is, until now. 

Vertical or Grid Blog Listing

Click on the Blog in the tree menu, go to the 'Page Settings' tab and then under Blog Listing Layout choose between either a grid or vertical listing for your posts.

Blog as a gird listing result

2. Simpler Workflow for CMS Users

Although posts have always been held in their own folder below the Blog called 'Posts' until now it was then left to CMS users to manage Year and Month folders within that. We understand that with multiple CMS users contributing to posts that sometimes this area could become a little messy and mismanaged. It is because of this we have now introduced automatically generated Year and Month folders for better Blog post management. 

Create Blog entries at the Posts folder

Simply click on the 'Posts' folder underneath your Blog to create your post (Advanced or Standard Post), enter a date under the 'Post Settings' tab, save and the CMS will magically create (if needed) the correct Month and Year folders or place them inside folders that already exist.

Select the date of your post and save

The folder structure of your Years and Months is auto generated

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