Building a better experience for Ministry of Sound club

Ministry of Sound is the heart and soul of South London, and is renowned for its musical vision worldwide. We worked closely with their digital team to deliver a bespoke Umbraco based solution, designed to increase engagement and conversion.

The Challenge

Ministry of Sound suffered from a poor user experience when it came to purchasing tickets online and finding information about upcoming events at the club was a very lengthy process. Their CMS was difficult to update and were struggling to learn more about their user base. They required an impactful online identity that was interactive and engaging backed up by a powerful CMS that was easy to update and manage for a variety of users.

We approached uSkinned to deliver a strong and impactful identity for a new Ministry of Sound club website because we were deeply impressed with their Umbraco starter kits. We required an interactive and engaging website with a powerful CMS and so we commissioned uSkinned to work on a custom theme for us.

Barney Blackhurst, Product Manager, Ministry of Sound

The Solution

We worked in weekly sprints through out the project in order to increase focus and productivity. A Slack group was created to log a daily scrum that allowed both parties to raise any questions they may have - to keep things moving quickly and smoothly.

We delivered a mobile-first responsive website that had a strong and impactful identity. We improved the conversion rate and increased overall site engagement. We were able to significantly reduce the time spent by Ministry of Sound CMS users when updating and editing content.

In addition to we have also created new sites for other areas of the Ministry of Sound Group: &

uSkinned were highly flexible in our approach to them and the whole process was as smooth as it could ever be. We've improved our conversion rate, reduced the time spent in the CMS and our customers are more engaged with our website. I can't thank them enough for all their hard work.

Barney Blackhurst, Product Manager, Ministry of Sound